Timmerman Analytical is a data mining and advanced analytics consultancy. The company is a privately owned Level Four (4) B-BBEE Contributor with 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition.


Its founder, Jaco Minnaar, has a career history of over 23 years, applying statistics and mathematical modeling across a diverse range of industries.


Since its inception in 2006 the use of multivariate modelling and optimization methodologies, beyond only sales and marketing, has been actively driven by the company. Advanced Analytics, as it is commonly known today, has since been adopted more widely by industry.


At Timmerman Analytical I have a passion for data science. I strive to optimize productivity by applying cost effective methodologies for Predictive Analytics and Data Mining.


At its core, Timmerman Analytical focuses at delivering solutions that bridge the gaps between business intuition and data insights, helping companies produce maximum value through scientific data-driven fact.


This sets us apart from many other organizations, who typically approach these services from a purely business intelligence, financial, IT, data warehousing or process management perspective. Because of a fundamental understanding of the tools used, all energy can be focused towards efficiently creating business value. This is a critical differentiator.



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