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At Timmerman Analytical I am passionate about Quantitative Data Analytics. Data is clients’ most valuable asset and I help them extract real value and business insights from their data.


While many organizations believe in the power and potential of Data Science they are challenged in establishing a sustainable data science capability. The evolution of Big Data platforms brings about large financial investments in IT infrastructure and resources. In too many instances this goes without the expected short term return on investment. Timmerman Analytical focus it’s efforts at helping companies of all sizes to train, mentor and maintain a healthy data science capacity across all types of businesses.


I believe that a careful balance between expenditure on human resources, IT infrastructure and powerful business insights can be reached when one goes about the data science drive intelligently. There is absolutely no reason that large chunks of data should be stored indefinitely in data warehouses without valuable business insights being extracted from it immediately.

Making Intelligent Decisions


Not all data recorded is useful in which case it’s best to get dumped and not stored forever.


Sometimes important data gets collected but never recorded or properly stored.


Many times important data gets recorded in such a fragmented way that it cannot be aligned in combination with other properties that define the state of an event or system.


Not all data necessarily needs to be stored in raw format. Some situations lean itself to describe the system by means of only a few derived components.


I can advise you on the best ways to collect, record and store data for useful business insight extraction.

What I Do Best - Extracting Real Value


Data is a high value asset, painstakingly built-up over time by many resources. Unfortunately also easily obscured by clutter and infected by devious inputs. In similar, all value is in vein if this high value asset is reviewed with obscured vision.


An asset like data has no value if it resides in a data warehouse waiting for someone to have a peak at it some time in future.


The value of predictive analytics lies in getting answers fast in order to act instantaneously upon changes in market needs and foresee new opportunities ahead of times. You need intelligent business insights that enables you to act preventatively instead of reactively in your operations.


My strength is in helping clients to record what really drives change in their organizations, and to extract value adding business insights.

Building Data Science Capacity


Building a sustainable data science capability for your organization doesn’t need to be your biggest burden. Timmerman Analytical offers software tools and training courses that will enable you to build reliable data mining and predictive analytics capacity in a relatively short time.


Running modeling algorithms in “auto pilot” mode will get you to an answer. The question is how well will it hold for future predictions, and did it really brought you to the best answer possible?


I have the tools and experience to help you get 80% of the jobs done in 20% of the time, leaving you more time for those really complex projects.


I can help you build, maintain and mentor the analytics capability of your data science team.


Call me now for an assessment of your training and analytics tool needs.

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